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Jinjiang City Huafeng Gear Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (formerly Jinjiang City shenghu Huafeng Gear Factory) is a professional manufacturer of construction machinery gears, the company was founded in 1982, located in Shenzhen and Shanghai Jinjiang City of Fujian Province Huafeng segment, enterprise covers 17,000 square meters, construction area of ​​over 8000 square meters. Enterprise has a strong technical force, high-quality workforce. ...
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Speed Changer - Torque Converter Assembly
Speed Changer - Torque Converter Assembly XMG
Differential Housing Assembly
Differential Housing AssemblyHuafeng gear factory
Primary Reduction Assembly
Primary Reduction Assembly Huafeng gear factory p
Low Range Planetary Carrier ASSEM.
Low Range Planetary Carrier ASSEM.Huafeng gear fac
Reverse Rang Planetary Carrier ASSEM.
Reverse Rang Planetary Carrier ASSEM.Huafeng gear
Three-shaft Assembly
Three-shaft AssemblyHuafeng gear factory productio
Two-shaft Assembly
403200A  Two-shaft Assembly(Overrunning Clutc
One-shaft Assembly
One-shaft AssemblyHuafeng gear factory production
Huafeng Gear established a marketing network covering the whole country…
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